Kamen Rider Decade

Kamen Rider Decade

in GTA San Andreas

Kamen Rider Decade

(仮面ライダーディケイド, Kamen Raidā Dikeido, Masked Rider DCD, Masked Rider Decade) , aired in 2009-2010. Human form Tsukasa Kadoya (Masahiro Inoue)

©Bandai, ©Eighting



Dark Decade

Dark Decade

convert : Yuniwii Decade and Dark Decade download 1

Decade and Dark Decade download (mirror)

Kamen Rider Decade Complete Form

Decade Complete form

Decade Complete form

link download convert : Yuniwii


Kamen Rider Decade Weapons

convert : Yuniwii Decade Weapons Pack 1

Kamen Rider Diend

(仮面ライダーディエンド, Kamen Raidā Diendo)

His name comes from the English words “die” and “end” as well as the phrase “The End”. The real identity is Daiki Kaito, portrayed by Kimito Totani.
This Diend below converted from Kamen Rider Climax Heroes for GTA San Andreas mod by me, Yuniwii.

Kamen Rider Diend in GTA

link download convert : Yuniwii


Mod by Hikaru Seijin (Hikaru-UFO)

Diend Complete Fom

Diend Complete Form, Kamen Rider Decade All Forms (created fom scratch), Diend Driver, etc

Download link

13 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Decade

  1. luthfi kusuma

    bang yuniwii, aku pnasaran nh soal mirriad island… emg mirriad island itu apaan sih bang ? bsa d jlasin g biar ngerti en tmpat downloadnya dmn…?

  2. Valvoga

    KK makasih ya modnya manteb banget
    Ane demen ama mod kamen ridernya,kamen rider decade mantab

  3. Yuniwii

    Thanks, yeah the KRCH game itself still have wrong textures or low quality textures.
    That’s like Blade King Form, i need to photoshoped the belt to fix it, like you did. Thanks again, and sorry for late reply …

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