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7 Players Imitation Script

7 Players Imitation Script

7 Players Imitation Script


Author : Rockstar Games
Compiled to scm by : Yuniwi

It falsely can be called Shikamaru Kagemane Jutsu mod, Gang Following Player Movement Mod, Imitation mod, etc
but in reality THIS IS NOT MOD

It’s just trick or bugs from GTA San Andreas itself – created by Developer of the GTA SA game, of course.

Whenever you execute the code “start mission …”  but if the mission not exist, another CJ will be spawned in the specific coordinate that mission supposed to start [with the latest skin/outfit].

If you using player selector or skin selector ; you can spawn different players that will always do the same default movement animations in ped.ifp.

7 players imitation

4 Players Imitation

Unfortunately, it’s only limited for 7 playesr imitation; and more than that the game will CRASH.
I knew this since some years ago, and thought it can be fixed someday .
But now i think, this nice bug can’t be fixed after tried some efforts, at least for me. Not possible for CLEO.
So, i share as it is, for testing and for people who curious in it
and not for people who have hope this will be perfect mod. Since it’s just bug and trick from GTA engine itself.
The real imitation mod, i believe possible with different codes/script. But to be honest, i don’t know.

Ok this is the script download

How to install :

1. rename the main.scm and script.img in your GTA San Andreas/data/scripts folder to different name as back up, so you will able to use it again

2. simply put my  main.scm and script.img from the archive to GTA San Andreas/data/script folder.

3. play the game as test, look this video

it’s not stable and can crash your game so don’t complain, you have been warned

Super CJ Flying Mod by PLPynton

Super CJ Flying Mod by PLPynton

mod author : PLPynton

As you can read in original sources in gtaforums thread, the last version is v1.14. In this version, gang member have ability to flying together with you. Unfortunately, the original link already dead so i upload it again.

Super Flying Mod

Flying Mod