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Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi Hatake


This post will be used to put my Kakashi mod ported to GTA San Andreas. My old mod can be found in or This time … i have plan to re-new my mods. Including to put some features like normal map to skin.

Kakashi Kid

From Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Full Burst

convert : yuniwii download

Obito Uchiha Tobi

Obito Uchiha (Tobi)

Tobi The Masked Man

rig by Yuniwii

This post reserved to put mod about Obito Uchiha [うちはオビト, Uchiha Obito] aka Tobi [(トビ, Tobi] to GTA San Andreas

Obito Uchiha Kids


v 01-08-2014 convert : Yuniwii reup 2016


Obito Uchiha Unmasked

from UNS 3

Thanks to Weliton Parzanini (fix this model)

Rig by Yuni Widayanto.

Obito Uchiha

Obito Unmasked

I made custom cel shading mesh but it seem not really give big differences. using normal map still recommended. This mod has same size with Skyrim model since i want to convert  to Skyrim too, but it still have same size in game ( GTA San Andreas).

Obito Unmasked

Obito Unmasked download rig by Yuni Widayanto

=====old mod ===

Tobi The Maskedman (with Rinnegan and Sharingan Eyes)

Introduced in Manga Naruto; episode 511, after acquired Rinnegan.

This model previously called Uchiha Madara mod, but off course this is Tobi The Maskman

The model created by Satyr for Resident Evil 4 mod. Convert to GTA San Andreas by me, Yuniwii.

This is v1.1

Madara Tobi

Masked Man

(Including Maskedman with white and orange mask, Maskedman without war fan and Madara War fan for parachute [gun_para] replacement)

v1.1 released July 31, 2011 download

password : yuniwii

This is v 1.0 (old)

Madara in GTA

Tobi the Maskedman

v1.0 released July 29, 2011


Tobi (Akatsuki)


Tobi Akatsuki

v1.0 released November 14, 2010

mirror download

Cel shading Fuu

Fuu Jinchuriki

Fuu Jinchuriki

GTA San Andreas Ped Skin

Fuu (フウ, ); known as Jinchuriki of 7 tail (Chomei).

Kunoichi from Takigakure.

model from NUNS 3; modified

31082013 ” Finally, after several trying i decided use low poly models version of Fuu to make the normalmap plugin work.”

New Fu

With 3 varians models


Fuu Jinchuriki

Fuu in GTA

Adding low poly version, no cel shading, celshading and normal map version.

v31082013– convert, normalmap, and celshading by Yuniwii .

eyes textures by mVegeta

To be continued (maybe)

Kushina Uzumaki in GTA

Kushina Uzumaki

Kushina Uzumaki


GTA San Andreas Naruto Mod


Ped Skin Kushina Uzumaki (うずまきクシナ, Uzumaki Kushina)

Again, this is my old mod which gone some months ago. Reupload again with some new features; give cel shading and normal map. But now, i put the original version too -without celshading. Since some user ( including me) have some problems with celshading or normal map version in some cases.

If you using skin selector, i recommend using CLEO3. It’s more compatible and more can load large files. 

Kushina Uzumaki in GTA

Kushina Uzumaki

v31082013 convert : Yuniwii




GTA San Andreas Ped Skin

Chōjūrō (長十郎, Chōjūrō), character from Naruto series.

He is a member of Kirigakure’s Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist and wields the twin sword: Hiramekarei.

Chojuro from UNS 3

This is small ped, some bugs appear in some animation.

Two Chojuro models with Mist Village headband and Ninja Alliances headband.


Chojuro in GTA

screenshot with normal map

Chojuro normal

Chojuro normal map

v31078013 convert and celshading by Yuniwii

31/08/2013 : adding normal map