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The Joker



Joker villain from Batman series

GTA SA Ped skin

Joker Red Hood

from Injustice Gods Among

“This is quick rig, normal map support, feel free if you want to fix it.”

Joker Red Hood GTA San Andreas

Joker Red Hood

v05092013 convert : Yuniwii


Joker Final Confrontation from Injustice Gods Among Us DLC



v10072013 convert : yuniwii

Robbie the Rabbit

Robbie The Rabbit


GTA San Andreas ped skin

character from Silent Hill

Robbie model belong to Konami.


note :

This is my mods which gone some month ago, just re-upload, added normal maps and give several varians textures.”



Robbie the Rabbit in GTA

download robbie the rabbit

[convert : Yuniwii textures by : Marie Kenway and UndeadMiko

Dead Pool Female

Dead Pool Female Characters


Dead Pool game (developer Highmoon Studio)

Conversion / port to GTA San Andreas

This post reserved to put several female characters from Dead Pool Series.

Mods arranged by recent upload

1. Psylocke

original name : Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock



v07072013 – conv : Yuniwii

Psylocke convert : Diego4fun

2. Archlight from Deadpool

Archlight by Diego4fun

Archlight convert : Diego4fun


3. Domino from Deadpool

Domino by Diego4fun

Domino convert : Diego4fun


4. Vertigo from Deadpool

Vertigo by Diego4fun

Vertigo convert : Diego4fun

5. Death from Deadpool

Death by Diego4fun

Death convert : Diego4fun


6. Rogue from Deadpool

Rogue by Diego4fun

Rogue convert : Diego4fun

Rogue YWY

Rogue convert : yuniwii

Several superhero female by Diego4fun can be found on his blog :
link Diego4funpack